"We're not nu-metal, we're not alternative, and we're not pop-metal, or any of those things. Labels are for soup cans.
We're a rock band. And we're loud. What else do you need to know?"
-C. Johnson


"Until the weeds grow wild" - Beginnings

In the late spring of 1999, five musician friends from Virginia, burned out from turning out the hits of the day in their respective bands, decided (for sheer amusement and fun) to form an 80's metal tribute band called "Headbanger's Ball", complete with big hair, big costumes, and big…attitudes. Basically, it was just an excuse to go play rockstar, and crank out some tunes that they wanted to play, rather than those dictated by radio, club owners, etc. The musical core of Chuck Johnson (voice, guitar), Troy Winemiller (guitar), Steve Layne (bass), and Bill Schlueter (drums), would occasionally toss out original song ideas that they had either unsuccessfully tried in other bands or had been laid on the backburner because of running into a creative brick wall. The four discovered they had an undeniable chemistry when it came to songwriting, and soon had several ideas in the works. Although the goal of making the "Headbanger's" project happen was still priority one, the seeds were already being sown.

"Exit Headbanger's, Enter TK"

On the eve of their very first gig in the early winter of 2000, the "Headbanger's" project, due to various misfortunes and conflicts, started to unravel, and quickly faded away. Rather than completely disband and write the whole project off as a waste, the four musical core members decided to get together a few times, toss around some more original ideas, make some noise, and just see what would become of it. There were no expectations, and no goals to be reached, just four guys trying to write a few songs together. The innocent beginnings, along with their own personal chemistry, formed a strong foundation. They found themselves turning out song after song, and soon realized that this was the band they had all been waiting for.

No world-conquering manifestos, no delusions of grandeur or self-aggrandizing hype to fuel them on, they named themselves: TK-421.

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